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Tag: Press Release Distribution

How to Compare Press Release Distribution Services

Many people seek help write press releases, but it doesn’t matter how well your press release is if no one sees them. Although there are several free press release distribution services, you may have more success by utilizing professional distribution services. You can click over here to choose the best press release services to promote your business.

Whether you are looking to communicate your story with other members of your community or professionals worldwide, there are distribution services available to help you meet your goals. Most people don’t realize what to look for in distribution services, so here are some of the main points to consider when comparing companies:

o Some journalists spam distribution services. They can advertise that your press release will be sent to thousands of journalists, but big questions are – whether the journalists even read it? Companies both foster relationships with journalists who are interested in receiving relevant press releases.

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o, Make sure your press release will be distributed to Tier-1 Newswires. Just because the company has a “wire” in its name does not mean it is a newswire service. There are two leaders of Newswire for press releases: PR Newswire and Wire Business. These are two Newswires that are reviewed by this journalist for the story.

o, Find out how the company will tell you where your release has been sent. A good company will give you a link where you can easily find your release. Some companies only send links to their websites and you never really know if they have sent your release. In most cases, you must be able to find your press release on Google and Yahoo news search.

o If possible, find out what time a day a company distributes a press release. The best is to finish it in the morning, East Coast time. When journalists start working in the morning they check their emails for potential stories. Much better for them to read your press release first thing in the morning than in the afternoon.