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What Is a Registered Agent and Why Does My Entity Need One?

Are you forming a corporation, LLC, or other entity that you must register with a Secretary of State or similar state agency to form? You'll need a registered agent to comply with state regulations for registering your entity.

It frequently receives records like annual reports in the country to be finished by the entity's officers. Everything formed in a nation is under a statutory duty to keep a registered agent at that condition and maintain that service present. If you want registered agent services in NZ then visit

In certain countries, such as Georgia and Florida, owners or officers of a thing can function as their registered agent. In other countries, such as Wyoming and Delaware, in which they have to be enrolled with the nation, small business owners should pay a thing to do so.


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If you're an out-of-state agent, you may either have to discover a friend or relative from the condition which you trust to serve as your entity's registered broker or seek the services of an entity that offers those services (in case you need to use a broker enrolled inside the state of creation.)

Ensure to recognize the regulations at the country where your registered agent is situated (and they need to have a physical address in the country) before you employ them. They have to comply with state law too and, frequently, partnerships supplying these services online aren't physically located in the country where they promote solutions.

They lease mailboxes and that is not suitable because service of process cannot be achieved at a commercial mail receiving agent such as a UPS store or comparable venture. This may place your thing in danger when their status is found.

Prices differ widely for its support but because their sole purpose, generally, would be to take the support of process and state records, it is not required to cover the highest priced registered agent service, especially in nations where you can expect no or few records in the nation, based upon your entity.