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Look For Licensed IFS Therapists For Therapy

The internal family system (IFS) is a therapeutic approach that identifies and addresses the multiple identities or families in each person's mental system. This personality is made up of hurtful parts and painful emotions such as anger and shame.

These parts try to protect the person from pain in the injured part. So this injured part still has good intentions, namely to protect themselves. These parts are the parts that interact with the world. Get help from a therapist for internal family systems (IFS) approach.

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In the end, they will protect themselves from pain based on this experience. Usually, identities contradict each other and can interfere with a person's nature. 

His basic self is the concept that defines the confident and loving person who is at the center of every individual. IFS focuses on healing these injured parts by letting go of the extreme roles of these parts and restoring the parts that are familiar and connected to themselves.

If you think IFS might be right for you, find an authorized psychotherapist, social worker, counselor, or another psychiatrist with further training in IFS therapy. In addition to admissions and training, it is important to find a therapist who is happy to work with you.

If you have additional questions or just want to learn more about the internal family system and whether it can work for you, contact them.