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Benefits Of Booking Directly With Hotels Online In San Monica

Online travel agencies and low-cost hotel room consolidators have become rather popular in the hotel and hospitality scenario, particularly in recent times.

Despite the promise of lower rates, guests booking through OTAs miss out on a number of advantages. Booking online through hotel websites, on the other hand, has some tangible advantages for guests. In this, you can even book hotels that have rooms with  a king bed or a queen bed.

Room Tariff and Commissions – One of the main reasons travelers prefer to book through travel agencies is to find the lowest room tariff, thus saving on the cost of accommodation.

It is, however, important to remember that hotels pay a 25% to 30% commission to these agencies for their services. Booking directly through a hotel’s website will give the traveler the added advantage of saving on room costs since most hotels prefer to pass on a percentage of the commission saved to the customer.

Hotels also come up with special discounts from time to time.

Customer Loyalty Programs – Most major hotel chains offer customer loyalty programs for travelers who prefer to stay with them. The benefits of these programs can only be availed by those who book directly through the hotel’s website.

These programs allow frequent guests to accumulate points on their spending and to redeem them periodically. Direct booking through the hotel’s website also allows guests to convert their frequent flyer miles from various airlines into discounts on room tariff, food & beverage, spa, other services, etc.