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Glaucoma – What Is This Eye Disease?

Glaucoma is a disease that causes irreversible loss of vision. It is usually associated with a gradual loss of vision, however, which is more in line with the open-angle form, while the closed-angle version can cause a sudden decrease in the visual field. In the United States, about 90 percent of cases are of the open variety (OAG). In some other countries, however, it is not the case that the OAG represents such an overwhelming majority of cases.

What else is different between open and closed forms (CAG)? Changes in the optic nerve occur in OAG. An example of this is a higher cup-to-disk ratio. CAG implies pain, while its overt counterpart does not. The same could be said for attacks that occur in the closed type. Particularly high pressure in euphoria, nausea, and vomiting are some of the other symptoms of angle-closure glaucoma. If you are also affected by the use of Elmiron and you want a St. Louis Elmiron eye attorney, you can search for it online.

Various risk factors and causes can be attributed as medical reasons behind glaucoma in a person. Increased pressure in the eye is a major risk factor, although it is possible to have the condition without it. People who come from a family with a history of glaucoma tend to develop it about 6 percent of the time. Uveitis can lead to a secondary form of the condition called uveitic glaucoma. These are just some of the possibilities.

The disease can be noticed after certain tests are administered, such as those performed during an eye exam. There are surgical and medical treatments for this disease, however, their main goal is to prevent damage and maintain the quality of the visual field, as there is currently no known cure for this condition. Treatment can also try to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of glaucoma.