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Tag: energy clearing services

Overview of Energy Healing Sessions

Increase the power and success of energy healing sessions by setting yourself up for victory. By making the correct preparations, you can guarantee a good effect on your energy healing sessions. You may not be able to predict the specific outcome, however, you and your client will make progress safely. You can get more information on energy healing sessions via

It's imperative to use outside energy sources rather than only relying on your own internal power. Your being owns a finite amount of energy the universe is boundless power and possibilities. Different sources return various energies. The energy healer could draw to a tree, lake, mountain, star, Buddha, Jesus, Allah, angels, fairies, energy areas or simply the universe itself. 

energy healing session

With only a little experimentation, you will soon become knowledgeable about the feel of different sources. You will need initiations from teachers at the beginning, however as you progress, you are going to have the ability to simply ask the universe or a deity for what you require.

After choosing your time source, connect to it and fill yourself up to as much energy as you possibly can. Strengthening your time field will allow you to get more energy, and stronger energies. Educating yourself will also assist you to ward of any unwanted energies released throughout the session.

Bring energy into the area around you to make your sacred space. You have to empower all six directions. Above, below and the four cardinal directions you need to be sealed with energy coming directly from the origin. Devices such as symbols, pyramids, flowers, rainbows, waterfalls of energy, a ring of fire or an umbrella of security are typically useful in bettering your sacred space.