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All About Dress Shirt Embroidery

It is not uncommon to wear jeans and sweatshirts. The dress shirt, which is a classic "dress for success" item in any man's wardrobe, is seeing a revival of popularity. When a professional image is important, it ranks high. An embroidered logo can be a great way to create a professional corporate image.

A classic dress shirt is a long-sleeved front-button shirt with tails. You can find it in a variety of luxurious fabrics and fun colors today. It is important to be conservative when an embroidery logo or design is included on a shirt. If you want to buy shirts with embroidery, then you can search the web.


There are many collar styles available: Straight, Spread or British spread, Curved and Tab, Banded, Curved, Tab, and Banded. Your customer's preference may dictate your choice of style. However, it is best to keep the standard for business today, which is a straight collar, and stick with a solid, simple color. 

The look is complete with long sleeves and button cuffs that allow for more embroidery possibilities. Short sleeves are the best choice for hotel uniforms and other functional workwear that will be worn in hot and humid climates.

When designing a design for embroidery, it is important to consider the letter size. Small text is not recommended for script or serif fonts. Use capital letters in a sans-serif font like Arial to get the best results. These minimum letter heights are for block letters without serif and sewn in a satin stitch.