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Tag: creative still life photography

Several Tips for Still Life Photography

Looking at the various types of photographic techniques, still, life photography has the longest development time. Yes, in the early days, still life photography was the best option due to technical limitations. However, with the development of technology, it still has a strong charm and is still one of the most important photography techniques. You can also get more information about still life photography via

From a higher point of view, still, life photography has important commercial value because magazines, catalogues and websites need products.

1. Get Started

Still, life photography is very different from people photography and landscape photography. Landscape photography always tends to set subjects like tall mountains or models. You can have many changes within yourself and the space of creation is in front of you. 

2. Choose A Topic

What you photograph is entirely up to you. Try to find out if there is anything interesting, but only in your home. Don't think that you have to choose fruit or flowers like others, you just have to be open-minded.

3. Light

You don't have to use expensive lighting equipment, just try using yours. Remember that all aspects of photography are under your control. If you feel the same way, you need to find space and use shaded panels or curtains to block out natural light so you can fully control the light coming from the object.

If you can use general lighting effectively, a good effect can be achieved. Be sure to try more locations, side and rear lights can magnify the lens for fun and immersion. Otherwise, you can choose a room that only shines through one window and accept this as a favourable condition.