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What Are The Differences Between Express Entry And PNP?

As we all know, Canada is one of the most economical nations all around the world that contributes to liberal immigration strategies for people from various countries to reach its borders. There are two main categories of Canada's immigration program where an immigrant is able to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Now let's understand these terms and the differences between them.

The Federal Express Entry Rate Program is one of the main drivers of skilled immigrants in the country through three economic immigration programs including the Federal Skilled Working Class, Federal Skilled Trade Class, and Canadian Experience. The term Federal in the program name clearly indicates that the Canadian federal government is responsible for the operation and administration of this program in the country. However, for applying in this program people also take help from the experts of Express Entry – Canadian Immigration Services so as to make their immigration process easier and faster.

Express Entry Vs PNP - Which one is better to Apply for Canadian PR Visa?

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Meanwhile, the Canadian Provincial Government is running a provincial program to nominate candidates for permanent residents in the country. There are a total of 11 immigration routes under the Canadian Provincial Candidate Program. Each PNP has a set of requirements to check whether the applicant's skills are in line with provincial market needs and protocols or not.

Both programs are designed for permanent residence in Canada. However, most prospects are confused with each other because of their different paths. Below is a bullet list that will help you understand the difference between the two points. This will help you understand suitable PR matches.

  • Language Skills
  • Work Experience
  • Education
  • CRS Results