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What Kind of Uses Make Tablets Ideal For Children?

The advent of the personal computer in the early 1980s had a profound impact on all aspects of society. Within a decade, companies like Microsoft and Apple have gone from being a handful of workshops to become a billion-dollar business. Therefore, buying ipads in bulk for schools is also becoming really popular. 

Best tablets for kids 2020: These are the tablets your kid will love

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Apart from entering the business world and the public sector, the education sector is an area where these companies are experiencing tremendous growth. Many children's first encounters with computers take place in the Apple II, Apple IIe or MacIntosh school labs. 

Computer programs such as the Oregon Trail and Mavis Beacon Writing are not only educational tools but also fun! As you move forward into 2013, you will see new technological innovations in the education landscape. 

These new personal computing devices usher in a new era known as the "post-PC era". Go to school or stop and take care of the little ones today and you will find that they don't use laptops or desktops.

Instead, their first interactions with technology are smartphones or tablets. The reasons for this seismic change are simple. Easy to use. The best tablets for kids today are equally durable, beautiful, easy to use and a lot of fun. The simplicity of the form factor is the main reason tablets are ideal for children.

In most cases, there will only be one or two buttons and the rest are very intuitive touch pads. No need for a confusing keyboard or mouse, which makes conventional computers impractical to use. Instead, just tap the screen and your command will be recognized instantly.