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The Process of Acquiring and Maintaining a Tax-Free Premium Only Plan

Over the past few years, IRS Part 125 Only Plan (POP) has grown in a reputation as an effective and cost-effective health care strategy. Because their popularity has grown, the state and the federal legislature has turned to the IRS provided by POP as a means to improve the affordability of health sponsors throughout the United States. 

At least 4 countries currently require the use of premium only plans for businesses that sponsor health care and more than 13 promote a subscription to POP plans through credit/tax breaks and state-sponsored assistance via personalized plan document.

While large small and large businesses can subscribe to the only premium in their own will, obtain tax-free savings on the contribution of employee premiums, only a few are rumored to know the process to acquire pop. 

What is Premium only plan (POP)?

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As entrepreneurs from all business stratum can benefit from the use of only premium plans, a brief summary of the process through which the company obtains pop savings will help employers when they try to strengthen the financial integrity of their sponsored health insurance program.

The initial archiving procedure for the IRS Premium plan requires only a series of special administrative documents needed to be completed. First and foremost, the plan document must be produced. 

Pop Plan documents tell specific plan details to include: a comprehensive description of the benefits of protected employees, participation policies and procedures, annual contribution limits, election procedures, employee feasibility, and the contribution of the employers' premium. The plan document also defines the beginning and end of the year of the plan received.