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Tag: Water Wellness

Water Is Needed For Your Body

Water Wellness is a word to drink water correctly and in sufficient quantities.  The brain is composed of around 70% water and the lungs comprise almost 90 percent water. Lean muscle tissue has around 75% water per pound while body fat is 10% water while bones contain 22 percent water.

Around 83% of our blood is composed of water that helps us digest our food, move waste and regulate the body's temperature. For more information on water, bottling visit Pacific Allied Products.

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Every day, we must replenish at the very least 2.5 quarters worth of drinking water. Some of it is by drinking, and the remainder is absorbed by the body through the foods we consume.

The human body releases approximately 1/2 gallon of fluid every day, and this constant loss of fluid must be replaced.

Some toxins cannot be removed from the water that we drink each day. A water filter in your shower and drinking water is a must for being healthy. You should consider testing if you are experiencing issues with contaminants since they create all sorts of health problems. In the case of bacteria, Germs microbes, pathogens Parasites along with their eggs are called microorganisms. 

These tiny living organisms, bacteria, and viruses can cause water-borne illness and are often the result of an infection in bathing, washing, drinking, or the preparation of food or eating food prepared by these microorganisms.