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How to Know When the Water Heater Needs Repair?

There is one clear sign that every homeowner knows that their heater needs repair: a sudden and total hot water failure! However, before this happens, there are more subtle hints to look for which, if corrected, will prevent the trauma of hot water loss or costly leakage remediation.

Here are some signs that indicate a service call is required.

Humidity or Condensation: Your heater should not show any signs of condensation or "sweating" on the outside of the tank. If this is the case, it may mean that the autonomy of the system has been compromised in some way. You can also hire a good water heater repair company for your needs.

Signs of a Leak:  Look for wetness around the floor area near the water heater, unusual dripping noises, or any other signs of potential leaking.

Water Damage to Surrounding Structures: The presence of mold and mildew is a sign of unnatural levels of moisture in the area surrounding the heater. Excess moisture will also wreak havoc on drywall, so look for damage along the bottom of walls near the heater. If the floor of your utility room feels soft or spongy underfoot, contact a technician immediately.

Rusted Hardware: Rusted bolts and screws and loose hardware are signs that a service call is needed. The sooner you contact the repairman, the less likely you are to experience serious heating problems.

Older water heaters (8 years and more) should be inspected annually to ensure they are still in safe operating condition. Wise homeowners know that it makes sense to pay attention to the appliances in their homes regularly and check warning labels. It makes perfect sense to call a boiler repair specialist in your area.