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Tag: rodent control

3 Effective Methods for Rodent Control In Melbourne

Rodent control is required at this time of the year in Melbourne. Rodents come into the home to escape the winter months. 

Rodents look for shelter and food. They tend to hide in ceilings, walls, cupboards and furniture. Once they invade a home can be highly destructive. This is done by eating any sources of food (pet, human, compost), water, and chewing through electrical cables and wires. 

Once in the home, they need to be controlled. 3 effective methods for rodent control in Melbourne are as follows.

  1. Bait stations – These are boxes that contain rodent bait. They draw the rodents to be a box where they feed on the bait. The strength of the poison will determine if they die immediately or if they return to the nest and die there. 

  2. Trapping – This tends to be the most humane form of rodent control. It involves catching them in a cage using something to attract them, such as food. Once caught, they tend to be removed from the area and then released. 

  3. Professional Rodent Control– Rodent Control Experts are generally called pest technicians and are licensed to deal with rodents in a variety of manners. They are trained to inspect and identify where rodents are active, where they are nesting, and where it would be most effective to lay bait or poison. Furthermore, they will aid you in preventing rodent recurrence. 

The three types of rodent control that are most popular in Melbourne include bait stations, trapping and Professional Rodent Control. Each has its benefits, but Professional pest technicians tend to be the most effective options and work towards long term prevention.

image of a rodent