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Tag: Low Impact Development

What Are The Strategies For Low Impact Development Systems?

Low Impact Development (LID) is a new approach to planning and development that focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of projects. LID systems are designed to help developers avoid or reduce the use of harmful chemicals, reduce the amount of waste generated, and improve the efficiency of energy use.

Low impact systems can help to protect both the environment and human health. By using natural materials, for example, developers can reduce the amount of harmful chemicals used in construction. And by reducing the amount of waste generated, LID can help to reduce the burden on local landfill facilities.

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There are a number of different LID systems available. Some systems focus on specific areas such as water management or energy conservation. Other systems are more general purpose and can be used for any type of project.

There are a lot of different ways to approach low impact development (LID), but there are some core concepts that all LID systems share. First and foremost, LID focuses on using resources more efficiently. This can be done by using natural materials, modifying construction methods, or finding ways to reduce energy use.

Another key part of LID is reducing the number of waste streams created during development. This includes everything from reducing the amount of water used in irrigation to recycling materials. 

And finally, LID systems should be designed with consideration for local communities and their needs. This means taking into account things like cultural traditions and environmental sensitivities.