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Attendance Management System – Why Do We Need One

The main question is why do we need an online presence management system? Attendance lists look different especially for small businesses and SMEs. Although such businesses may have continued in different times, they are no longer functional in the modern economy. Employees like to work flexible hours. How difficult it is to get your registrar to visit staff who come and go at odd times. We're not saying we're promoting workforce micromanagement today. 

Time has passed and the best people are the ones who don't even need supervision. Flexible working hours are now standard. But in a work-oriented environment, accountability is paramount. Whenever an employee needs advice, a system must be available. Due to all these reasons, many businesses nowadays are making use of leave management systems that are available online at several platforms such as so as to manage their employee's working hours and several other factors during office time. 

Attendance & Punctuality St Michael's Catholic Primary School

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Important functions you must have in the attendance management system:

  • Accuracy.
  • Correct recording and timing.
  • Cloud systems are gaining popularity worldwide, and any SaaS software will help you access your data from anywhere in the world.
  • Include things like flexible working hours, half days, short vacations in the system.
  • RFID and NFC.
  • GPS Tracking
  • IP Tracking
  • By layer
  • Email notifications and related messages
  • Proper reporting
  • The software of your choice may contain other systems. However, these are the basic functions required to start the system.