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All About Applying Nail Polish

These days, who doesn't love to apply nail polish? Incorrect application is the problem! If we all know how to properly apply nail polish, we can prevent this from happening! This quick guide will help you apply polish to your toe and fingernails the next time you do it. 

You must choose the right color before you apply the polish to your nails. First, you must choose a color that you like. Neutral tones work well for everyday coverage. These tones are great for professional events and workdays. You can choose whatever you want for a relaxed, fun event. It's a good idea to match your lip color with the colors you plan to wear. 

Let's get started! You will need your polish color, top coat, base coat, cotton balls, polish remover, and most importantly nail brushes. Nail brushes are important that many people tend to ignore. You can consider buying nail brushes from

Nail brushes

How to properly apply nail polish?

1. You can get rid of any old nail polish. This can be done quickly by using cotton balls and thoroughly rubbing each nail. You can make sure that your nails are clean and free from any polish.

2. Begin by sanding the middle of the nail, then the sides. This will give you a uniform coating. You can start with your smallest fingers, toes, and work your way up to your larger fingers and toes. This will prevent you from relying on freshly painted nails.

3. Apply the nail polish to your nails using the same method as the base coat. Start with the small nails and work your way up.

4. Allow the polish to dry. It will vary depending on the polish. 

5. Apply the top coat using the same process as for the base coat. Topcoats add more shine and balance to your nails.

Depending on the quality and color of your top coat, your nails should be smooth and even.