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A Basic Guide To Guitar Fuzz Sounds – Big Muff Inspired Fuzz Pedals

In 1982 Electro-Harmonix was shut down and the Big Muff was discontinued for a time. Original Big Muff pedals became collectible and sought-after. A few smaller boutique manufacturers started making their own Big Muff versions. Many of these small pedal makers became very well-known and still make great guitar fuzz pedals. Here are some of the best boutique guitar fuzz pedals that were inspired by BM.

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1. Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz – The Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz is a versatile fuzz pedal based on the Big Muff sound. The Musket is a great addition to the party. It has additional tone EQ knobs that allow guitarists to tweak their sound and control the amount of midrange reaching the amplifier. It produces a rich, full sound that can be vintage or modern and can cut through even the loudest rock band.

2. Way Huge Swollen Pickle Fuze – Way Huge Electronics is part of Dunlop and this fuzz gives you a full, BM-style sound. The Swollen Pickle is also adjustable. You can add mids to create a vintage sound, or you can scoop them up for a modern sound. The Swollen Pickle is great for both single-note runs and chords.

Fuzz pedals are still very popular. They were one of the first guitar effects tones. Fuzz pedals are a common tool in creating distorted and loud guitar sounds.

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