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Tag: Dental Nursing Diploma

All About The Day In The Life Of A Dental Nurse

We thought it would be interesting to share the responsibilities of a dental nurse. Here's what they do. We start our day by turning on all of the equipment and getting ready for the day ahead. All sterilizers and autoclaves are tested to ensure they work properly. 

The dental chair is equipped with clean water lines and purified drinking water. The next step is to make sure that the instruments are properly set up for the day. We also check the patient list and plan for treatment. 

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Also, we check that any dentures, crowns, and Invisalign are back and ready to go for the day's patients. We notify the reception staff immediately upon arrival. The patient can then be called into surgery, where we will make sure they feel at home. We get to know each patient as an individual. 

Once the patient has settled in, their medical history is reviewed to ensure that we are aware of any health problems or medications they may be taking. We are now ready to go for the dentist's exam.


One nurse may be present at the dentist's all the time, but all nurses are responsible for cleaning and sterilizing instruments. When sterilized instruments are not in use, they must be stored in sealed pouches. 

All surfaces touched in the surgery are cleaned and disinfected between patients. All cups and bibs are disposable and thrown away in the medical waste bins.

Behind the scenes, there is a lot of work involved in the smooth running and success of the practice. We do our best to keep the practice running smoothly.