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Tag: Commercial Sales Listings

Different Types Of Commercial Properties

Commercial real estate buyers have a variety of real estate options to choose from when looking for properties to invest in.

Here are three different types of commercial properties for sale: 

Office buildings: 

These properties are often used for businesses that need a central location and plenty of space to work. Office buildings can be found in all different shapes and sizes, so buyers should research the specific needs of their company before making a purchase. You can also find Commercial Sales Listings in Ivanhoe via online.

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Retail spaces: 

Retail stores are a popular option for commercial real estate buyers because they offer high traffic volumes and long lease terms. Stores can be large or small, and many landlords prefer to lease space to smaller businesses that can afford to pay higher rent rates.

Corporate campuses:

Corporate campuses offer investors a unique opportunity to invest in a property that will be used by multiple companies over the course of many years. Many landlords will require tenants who are interested in purchasing the property to first negotiate with each company represented on the campus. 

Office complexes:

Office buildings offer investors opportunities in many markets. Whether tenants have franchises located within an office complex or offices located on the same floor, tenants tend to prefer lower rents when purchasing office space

Medical facilities: 

In addition to traditional medical centers, many medical facilities are building specialty clinics and other specialty spaces called "medical suites." Investors who purchase these medical suites often pay higher rates than office space.