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Moving To The Cloud: Technology Enablement For Enterprises In Phillipines

Cloud computing is a common practice today and there are many providers who offer cloud enablement solutions and infrastructure as a service (IaaS). While moving to a cloud is an easy decision to take, answering where the physical infrastructure is, how it is accessed, etc. can help you adopt the best deployment models that will drive your business forward.

Otherwise, it is often confusing to choose from the various options available today. Let’s take a look at the common ones and determine how they are characterized for cloud-based network infrastructures:

Public Cloud

In public clouds, the end-users do not own the physical infrastructure and it is hosted at the vendor's premises. Also, although the customer has no visibility, the data center is run and controlled virtually through simple web interface consoles with which he can manage storage and resources.

Public clouds are flexible, elastic, and reliable. Their capacity can be increased within minutes and there is the quality of service (QoS).

The network in the public cloud is not dedicated to any single user; it is a group of pooled resources from which each user chooses what he needs. Each client is given an account in the public cloud, through which they can run their applications as per the requirement.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is set up in the external or internal premises and managed by the organization itself (or a third party by choice) whilst they can set up their own dedicated network. Due to exclusivity and flexibility, this deployment model is considered more secure, private, and scalable.

Private clouds are usually used by large enterprises that require a large number of resources for setting up a better platform.