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Kids Room Accessories – Go For Stuff Kids Would Love

For the ultimate in kid-friendly decor, consider purchasing a table and chair set. A children's table and chair set is great for arts and crafts, afternoon snacks, or tea parties. Available in many colors, kids table and chair sets are also lighter than wood and metal options, making them easier to move around. These kids room accessories will also serve as great storage for toys, books, and other items. Toy boxes are also a popular choice.

Toy boxes

Toy boxes are a good way to organize your child's toys and keep them out of their way. Whether your child has a wide variety of toys, or just a small assortment, a toy box can store them all. These storage containers can be mounted on the wall or removed for playtime. Some of them even come with mesh fronts to make it easy for your child to access the items inside. Parents often limit their child to one basket at a time.

A traditional wooden toy box has ample storage space and can be easily hidden from view. The lid has child-safe soft-close hinges that prevent your child from accidentally closing it on their toys. These storage units are small enough to fit in the corner of a room, or even at the foot of a bed. Some of these storage containers have a colorful print to make them appealing to a child. Whether you opt for a classic or modern design, your child will enjoy having their very own toy box.


Desks for kids are essential parts of a child's room. Choosing a desk for a child's room can make their room seem more organized and less of a mess. A corner desk is ideal for a child's personal sanctuary. It should feature a shelf with a lip on the side so that books can be propped up against it. Parents should also decide what type of wall decor will work best for their kids.

A large built-in desk for a kid's room can provide a great space for storage cabinets and two or three chairs. Small desks, however, are perfect for a small room. You can switch up the layout and place the two desks alternately. You can also have them place them in different positions to create a variety of looks in the room. This type of small furniture is perfect for small spaces and is also very convenient.


Kids can transform their bedroom into a lounge or reading nook. Loft beds are a great space-saving option for kids' rooms. Of course, kids bring along a lot of stuff, so finding storage solutions is key. Under-bed storage crates or wall-hugging book rails are great ways to tame the clutter. You can also choose furniture with built-in storage. That way, your child can have two different spaces for playing, reading, and lounging.

When planning a child's room, keep in mind their growing needs and preferences. While most kids won't grow into adults overnight, investing in a quality piece of furniture that will last for years is an excellent investment. Not only will your child grow up with the furniture, but he or she will learn how to maintain it as well. Here are some ideas to inspire your kids' bedrooms:


Bookshelves can be a great way to add a personal touch to a kids room, and the right one will complement your decor and color scheme. Here are some great ideas. You can also use fruit crates as shelving: Simply nail them together horizontally or vertically, paint them whatever color you want, and voila! Your kid will love having books in his or her room! Just be sure to include a few books on the shelves, too!

One of the most attractive bookcases for kids is the 43'' model by Pottery Barn. This bookcase has four shelves with raised front edges and is perfect for displaying picture books. Its design is simple, but it can grow with your child's room. It is made from solid wood and comes in four trendy color options. It also features tip-over restraint devices to keep books in place. This style is also very durable and comes in a variety of styles to match any decor.


There are a wide variety of choices for kids' curtains. While the sheer and blackout styles are both beautiful, they provide varying degrees of privacy and light. You may want to select full-length curtains for large windows, since they can block out light and add drama to a room. Sheers can be layered over other styles to add more privacy and light. Make sure to buy curtain hardware such as rods, finials, and rings that match the design of the room.

The design and color of curtains are important, but keep in mind that kids are prone to pulling or ripping them. They tend to pull and tug at curtains as they walk or stand. So, they should be lightweight. If you choose long curtains for your child's room, make sure they have no details that are swallow-able. Additionally, keep in mind that dark-colored curtains may give the room a gloomy look.


For a more environmentally-friendly way to decorate a kid's room, consider using pegboards. Once the domain of workshops and garages, pegboards are now a common part of household decor, and are especially suitable for kids. The pegboard can be painted in any color, and you can even use it as a headboard! Not only are pegboards an eco-friendly solution, they're also extremely versatile and add plenty of storage space to a room.

When used as a storage solution, pegboards can add a beautiful aesthetic to a room. Whether used as a desk, closet, or mudroom accessory, pegboards can add color to any room and help you maximize your wall space. Some pegboards come with additional accessories, which can make them expensive. Despite their price tag, pegboards are an excellent option for storage and can be used in multiple locations.