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Tag: auto transmission repair

Auto Transmission Repair – Avoiding a Sudden Breakdown

Many drivers feel that their car betrays them, even though they invest almost nothing in maintenance. If you want a car you can rely on, you have to work hard. Transmission repairs are expensive and can happen suddenly if you're not careful. Here are some tips to help you avoid an unpleasant emergency.

Heat is your enemy

One of the biggest causes of major system failure in your transmission is excessive heat. How do you prevent it from happening? You may consider installing additional coolers. Even though the car is equipped with coolant to conserve your fluids, gradually driving your car may not be enough. If you tow regularly, you should consider giving your car the extra cooling it needs.  In case of some serious issues, calling in experts would be an ideal choice. You can look for auto transmissions repair via

Avoid towing with overload

A common myth among car enthusiasts is that if you're towing a boat, U-Haul, or whatever, you should let the car overload. This is one of the worst things you can do to most vehicles. As with anything, double-check the owner's manual to make sure your manufacturer doesn't have any specific recommendations. Otherwise, turn off the overdrive when installing the boat trailer. You'll be happy to do so if you avoid costly transmission repair bills in the future.


It goes without saying that you should always pay attention to the correct fluid level. In some cases, however, making sure you're using the right type of fluid is just as important. The brand name doesn't really matter, but the type certainly matters. Many major car manufacturers have special fluids that must be used under the hood.