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Great Abstract Wall Art

Have you ever tried to remember the first time you saw an abstract wall or painting? This article reflects some of our personal and subjective views and realities as abstract art artists, with particular reference to facts consistent with what we think about the nature, birth, growth, and development of abstract art beyond the confines of esoteric terms. 

As we progressed through our own representative art and got to know the history of art better, we learned that beautiful abstract wall art has its roots in the earliest beginnings of human history when humans started painting on the walls of their caves. Early abstract murals, abstract paintings – sometimes decorated with organic prints – often sought to capture the essential nature and qualities of objects rather than their actual appearance. Lovers Canvas Wall Art Couple Kissing in The Park,Artwork Romantic Painting for Living Room Bedroom,Office Decorations Wall Decor,Canvas Prints Stretched and Framed Ready to Hang,12x16inch(30x40cm)1pc: Posters & Prints

While art historians and art critics formulate their opinions and ideas in print, the term esoteric separates the subject from "objective art", "non-representative art" and "non-figurative art". In Western culture, abstract designs come in many forms. But abstract art is unique in its compositional form in relation to decorative arts and visual arts, where abstract art, the result of creation, is a spontaneous image of the thoughts, emotions, and introspection of the artist through which he creates his art.

Now we can only categorize them into visual art and abstract art for the sake of simplicity. The development of fine arts from representational to abstract expressionism requires a great deal of liberalism and acceptance by those whose economic help and support are essential to the survival of abstract expressionist artists.



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