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A Short History About Arcade Games

Arcades may not be much to those born after 2000, but it is the place where the greatest video games were created.

You'll see children running to arcade games like the skeeball and pinball machines asking for quarters from their parents. These games can still be purchased online through sites like

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Arcade gaming today mainly consists of competitive and fighting games, claw games or ticket games. It is a completely different scene than when it began. You can see different types of arcade games like Pacman, Galaga and Crazy Climbers, Donkey Kong and Punch Out. There are also a lot more old and new games like Metal Slug, Captain Commande and Strider (Hiryu).

Arcade machines can be described as coin-operated machines that have games to play. The machine will allow you to play the game once the correct coin has been dropped into the slot.

It was that simple. This is why arcade gaming was so popular and easy to understand. With the introduction of the first coin-operated pinball machines in the 1930s, the arcade gaming scene was born.

As the years passed, games got better and more enjoyable. By the end of the 60's arcade games had become more popular. One of the best examples is the light gun shooting games, where you get a plastic gun and point it at a screen to shoot anything that's on it.

Duck Hunt was a popular game at the time. It revolutionized the shooting games we know today, such as the Time Crisis. This was also the time that racing games were made.