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Some Common Types Of Steel Sections

Structural steel is flexible and versatile enough to shape into numerous profiles. The design of skyscrapers bridges ships, as well as other large structures, require numerous steel sections. Professionals must be able to meet the demands the project requires. Here are the six most frequently used steel sections for massive structures:


Also known as universal beams, or H-beams, these steel beams are strong in the center that provides vertical support. The beams can be utilized as a stand-alone or joined together to make continuous beams and then embedded into the concrete. Nearly every major structure needs support from I-beams, which makes this type of material the most frequently used material for large-scale construction projects.

14 Types of Rolled Steel Sections -Shapes, Sizes and Properties

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The beams of steel are shaped like an L and are commonly employed in the construction of structures. While their lengths of the segment may vary, angled beams have a right angle.


Similar to I-beams, but with two flanges parallel to each other that extend from one end of the support vertical, U-beams can be employed as braces to strengthen the structure. U-beams are sized as per the plans.


These simple yet versatile steel sections can be used for a myriad of construction projects. Most often, they are used to connect various sections, and they can be made into almost any shape for this goal.