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Real Estate Buyers – Home Auctions Attracting Home Buyers Now

Home auctions are on the rise lately, and this shouldn't be any surprise, given the increase in foreclosures. Buyers of homes seem to enjoy the idea of selling their homes immediately and auctions for homes are drawing investors who are seeking to purchase real estate at a time when the interest rates are at a low level and prices are too. 

Of course, auctions are not just for foreclosures. There are different types of houses available including taxes lien auctions. 

There are many kinds of homes, including fixer-uppers, incomplete homes in mid-construction, and fire-damaged auctions for insurance, as well as all kinds of other situations. If you are looking for real estate auctions visit

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An agent for real estate is a bit concerned by this as homeowners will go to auctions and try to buy a home rather than an actual home This means the possibility of commission is not realized, and another qualified buyer is removed from the market. 

However, in a sense auctions can be beneficial as they remove stock off of the marketplace that can boost home values because these homes are taken from the inventory that is currently available.

In fact, speculators frequently purchase these properties and then turn around and then put their properties back in the marketplace, and put them back in inventory, but the moment they make that happen, they're usually refurbished and thus increase the price averages in the region and help the market in that manner. 

Some speculators try to sell their homes FSBO but some alter their minds and decide to list them through real estate agents in the system. There are a variety of ways to think about auctions of homes.