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Guide on Shirt Printing Process

This guide will help you to decide which method will help you with the best result in the clothes that you want.

Printing process

  • Direct to Garment (DTG)

This process is one of the most desirable for low quantity orders for more cost-effective for small numbers. This produces the desired image in the garment by printing with ink directly onto the fabric shirts (very similar to a conventional printer.) DTG printing, especially for cotton-based clothing and depending on the printer maybe just for the color of light cotton. You can know about the DTG printing process from

  • Plastisol Print

This process is very common and offers a lot of choice in terms of details able to print your design, and within the overall design can be used for printing almost anywhere. This printing method is very durable.

Shirt printing using plastisol-based ink will wash several times while retaining its original color intensity and integrity of the image. When passing your hand on top of the shirt with printed graphics with plastisol inks one can feel very slightly raised ink on the shirt.  

  • Sublimination

Sublimination desirable for low quantity orders that all may be mold or in places that are not conventional in the clothes. When choosing Dye Sublimination in mind that it is for polyester/polyester products based only. Also, keep in mind that it is primarily for the clothing garments white or pastel colors.

  • Waterbase

Printing using water-based inks achieve two desired results. This is the way the earth's environment friendly and highly printing so the setup and cleanup are not very harmful to the earth in terms of chemical waste.

The second great thing about water-based ink printing graphics on clothing with a soft feel to it. Often debit laid down as a basis to discolor the fabric. This makes it possible for the ink to dye the fabric is more than just lay on top of it, creating a very soft nuance to the shirt.