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Augmented Reality: The Silent Game Changer

Open your phone and go back to the last Instagram / Snapchat filter photo you took. Look for a long time. Of course, you still are, but it's more than you. What you see seems to come from a completely different dimension, but it's still real! What you see is not focus or sophisticated editing; It is the power of augmented reality, clear and unambiguous. 

It sounds like cutting edge technology, but what you may not realize is that it is ready to take over the world. From marketing to e-commerce, AR is booming, changing the way you see the world. You can navigate to this website to know how AR is helpful for your business growth.

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Digital Transformation: How AR Works

AR has come a long way since its inception, especially in marketing and digital solutions. Any AR technology requires three main components to simulate an enhanced user experience.

– Input: The first step in AR is a sensor which can check the environment. With AR rooted in real-world elements, the camera (and sometimes even the microphone) is essential to the overall experience.

– Calculation: In this part of the procedure, parameters are destroyed before they are displayed on the drawing. There are many factors to consider, such as: B. Spatial orientation and relative position for processing. There's a lot of math and computers, which is best left to IT and digital experts!

– The Broadcast: This section is what you see as part of the AR experience. Every pixel, every element you see in augmented reality is an output based on real parameter processing. For example, when you play Pokemon GO, this ad will be projected onto your phone screen. In other cases, it is usually projected onto the surface with a green screen.