A brief overview about band saw

band saw

Band saw is not a new tool. However, it is not easy for the novices to learn from scratch. In this article, we will give you an overview about band saw.

What is a band saw?

band saw

A band saw is a tool/machine which uses of a metal blade along one edge to cut workpieces. The blade slides on the two flywheels and only cuts in a fixed direction. The band saw is usually used to cut woods, metals such as steel, iron, or other materials. It can cut workpieces that have various shapes easily with an expected speed and it is often used to cut curves and generally any odd or irregular shapes. A good band saw is one of the smoothest and fastest cutting tools. They not only create some of the smoothest cuts possible, but also are versatile to accommodate different blades. There are two main kinds of band saws: The vertical band saw and the horizontal band saw.

The vertical band saw

It is often used in the food and wood sectors.

The saw bow of this type is stationary, workpieces will be pushed into the saw blade during the cutting process, so it is usually used to cut the lightweight material and thin details on wood or metal. Because details are pushed to the saw blade manually, the cutting speed is irregular. This can leads to break the saw blade. Therefore, a welding part which welds saw blade is built in inside the machine. Appearing on the market some kinds of vertical band saws that its workpiece clamps can be moved automatically, but they are very expensive.

The horizontal band saw

The horizontal band saw is often used in the metal machining sector.

This type consists of a saw bow moving up-and-down by the gravity of the saw bow, workpieces are fixed in a clamp, so it can cut materials which are heavy and large. Due to this feature, it is used widely in the metal machining sector. Horizontal band saws are very common and have many designs. Depending on the demand and applications of machining process, the saw bow can be built leaning on a platform or is a horizontal plate leaning on two large hydraulic cylinder. According to the machine’s ability to work and the needs of users, this type can be designed hydraulic systems, hydraulic clamps, and automatic workpieces pushing.

Nowadays, there are many different band saws in the market, it certainly can be a difficult process about choosing the best band saws available. With different advantages and disadvantages posed in getting the work done, we need to determine our requirements for tools to product for the job. Almost all the models available in the market have a similarity in terms of their appearance, but they are quite different about ability to work and their price.

When reading band saw reviews, you should consider some factors such as basic design elements, size, motor sizes, fences, blades and clamps. By this way you can know which is the best one for you.

Here is the basic knowledge about band saw. We hope that after this post, you will understand more about this amazing machine.

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